10 on 10 August | The Woodlands Newborn and Family Photographer

I’ve been lucky enough to find some amazing women in my area that also share my passion for photography. We are do a monthly blog called 10 on 10. We pick some of our favorite 10 images from the past month and post them on the 10th and link to the next person.  Be sure to read to the end and click on the link to the next fabulous photographers blog, you won’t be disappointed, I promise.  Here are a few of mine from this month.

Last month, one of my dearest friends had a CD debut and got to sing the National Anthem at the Astro’s game.  Her name is Libby Koch (who just won the Houston Press Music Award for Best Songwriter and her Guitarist, Sam Austin won for Best Guitarist) and she’s a member of The Grievous Angels (who won the Houston Press Music Award for Best Folk/Americana).  Cody and I got to go see them sing, and it was awesome!

We also started soccer at Legends Sports Complex this month.  Cody has been begging to play a sport (he doesn’t care if it’s soccer, baseball, football, or basketball, he just wants to play something).  So this will be our Saturday mornings for the next 3 months.  He absolutely loves it and counts down the days during the week until Saturday mornings.  He’s actually really good for never playing before.

From now until the end of the year, things are shaping up to be pretty busy.  I’ve got several newborns scheduled and guess what….they are all BOYS!!!  Here is a taste of some of the sessions I’ve had over the last month.  Haven’t I had some beautiful mom-to-be’s?!?

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