Baby Reid | Tomball TX 6 Month Photos | Purple Pear Photographer

Welcome back!

The mission of this blog post is to show off the adorable Reid. I actually photographed Reid 6 months ago for his newborn session.

Tomball Child Photographer

Can you believe how big this little fella has gotten since then? I had to blink a few times to make sure I was seeing things clearly! He is already semi-crawling. It’s amazing how fast they grow!

Baby Reid was the perfect size to put in my little wagon. I was so excited to be able to use the prop and loved how the pictures turned out. I’ll definitely be using this one in future sessions.

Kelly also brought a quilt that Reid’s great-grandmother had made, which added even more to the photos we took.

“Outdoorsy, natural, and casual,” is the look they were going for says Kelly. I definitely think we captured that vibe. What do you think?/Check it out for yourself!/ Look at the photos below to see what I mean!)

Tomball 6 Month Photographer

Tomball TX Child Photographer

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