Turn up the HEAT! | Grapevine Newborn Photographer

GRAPEVINE, Texas!! Can we say ROAD TRIP?!?!  Besides the fact that each shoot is a new adventure each one is special in its own right.  I got to enjoy my entire ride with one of my dearest friends Libby Koch; well, actually I enjoyed my solitude and my uninterrupted jam to her CD. Well, maybe I’ll catch her soon for an in person road trip. Overall my drive to Grapevine was quiet and uneventful, yet I was full of excitement and anticipation to get to see the Woodruff family.  Our parents have been friends for ages.  I could not wait to see their brand new baby girl!!!  This is nothing more exciting than getting to capture the most treasured moments of a first child.  Since she is their first she was a very special shoot.  I was honored that they wanted me to share in the joy of their first baby and entrusted me with the honor of capturing their blessed princess.  She was PRECIOUS!!  With my clairvoyant intuition I predict a diva in their future!  Only 7 days new and she already has her princess status down. She was adorned with the most sensational headbands and cutest little flower booties! She was thePrincess and the Heater instead of the Princess and the Pea she slept so sweetly while my heater was on her ~ not so much when it wasn’t. It may be reaching record scorching highs outside but when your use to a constant 96.5° in your birthday suit a cranked AC would make your cranky too.

Grapevine Newborn Photographer


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