Nominate your favorite Veteran!

Many families have  sacrificed for our freedom, and I want to say thank you.  And here is your chance to say Thank You, too.  Nominate your favorite Veteran to win a free session with Purple Pear Photography along with a disk of the images.  Email me at brandy {at} purplepearphotos {dot} com with your name, their name, and why you want to nominate them.  This is not only open to our living Veterans.  If you know someone who paid the ultimate price for their country, you can nominate their family.

Nominations must be received by 8pm (CST) on 11/11/11.  Session must take place withing 50 miles of Houston.

  • Chelsea Carlton - Hey Brandy!

    I think my sister and her husband should get the free session. Both of them were in the Army for 4 years, deployed to Kuwait for a year, and they just got home this past August. They are living off of unemployment right now due to the terriable economy, and I know they would love to get there photos done (it has been a while). Even though they are out of the Army, still all they do is do for others. I would be so happy for them if they won because they can’t afford to pay for it themselves. I love them so much and im just so happy they made it home safe. (:ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea Carlton - The other Veteran that I would like to nominate is my grandpa, Harry L. Goodman. He was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War where he watched many of his friends die in front of him. Luckly, thank God, he made it home to his beautiful wife whom waited on him and had thier first child while he was still deployed. Once my grandpa got out of the Army my grandma had to put up with his new drinking ways. He would always have flashbacks to the Vietnam war and the only thing that kept him sane was drinking. He did the most crazy things one of them including picking up a Lion off of I-45, putting it in his Corvette with his wife in the car and taking it through a drive through to get raw meat for it. Of course, the next day they had animal control come and get the lion and it turned out to be missing from a Circus that had come to Houston. Like that story, there are many more stories that my grandpa had told me he did while his drunken days. After years of drinking my grandpa finally got the strenghth to quit. While in Vietnam, my grandpa got Agent Orange and little did we know, it ended up killing him years later down the road. My grandpa died of cancer this past October 6th and our family (espically my grandma) hasnt been the same since. My grandpa died with 17 years of sobriety, always made people laugh when they were down, and even while he was going through such a hard time in life while slowly dying from cancer he still continued to make us laugh and he let us know that everything was going to be alright. I am such a lucky person to have had my grandpa in my life. I think that he should win this session for my grandma so that she can get her photos done with her family to help her move on with life and just remind her that everything is going to be okay.

    (sorry this is so long, but even this little bit didnt begin to tell you what a great man my grandpa was.)ReplyCancel

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