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Last week, there was a tragic fire in Houston that affected several heroes and their families. Four firefighters lost their lives and several others were seriously injured as a result of this fire. Firefighters, along with many other public service providers, risk their lives daily for our safety.

As I watched the memorial service for these three men and one women, I began to think of ways to say “thank you” to our first responders.  I want to share my idea here with you now.

You see, there are many organizations in which photographers and others offer support or say “thank you” to different groups. For instance, there is OpLove for military families and The Gold Hope Project for families affected by cancer. These organizations are wonderful! Now, I would like to do my own thing, if you will, and give back in some way. I want to say thank you to our first responders and here is how I want to do this:

From now on, I will donate sessions to Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, EMTs, and their families.  Giving back with a complimentary session is the least I can do for what these men and women do for us every single day. They deserve it for all that they do for every one of us! Wouldn’t you agree?

For details about the sessions, please contact me at 281.305.8009 or

This little guy has a lot to be proud of since his dad is an HFD fireman.  Thank you!

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