There’s two to kiss and two to hug, and best of all there’s two to love! | Katy TX Newborn Photographer

Mommy and Daddy couldn’t agree more. Hand in hand is just how these tiny darlings arrived in the world so it only makes sense that they preferred to be snuggled up together in their first photo shoot. Mom and Dad will surely have their hands full with these two and they could not be more happy about it! It was easy to understand why on the afternoon I spent with this precious pair, both sleeping peacefully throughout most of their session. Baby beau A didn’t make a peep as we knotted the impossibly tiny tie around his neck and mademoiselle A continued snoozing as we adjusted her girly accessories just so. Keep in mind that it is usually best to schedule newborn sessions before babies are two weeks old- They sleep deeper and, as the little duo exhibits here, are much easier to pose!

Newborn Pictures Katy TX

Twice as much love.


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